You Are Not Defeated

Jesus gave up His royal position in heaven for servanthood on earth. He purposefully experienced everything we have to endure. Hebrews 2:17 &18 says it was essential for Jesus to become like us in every respect so He could sympathise with us as our High Priest, and immediately run to our aid when we need Him!

He knows your pain, He understands your suffering. He feels your sorrow and is literally reaching out for you to take His hand and allow Him to make the great exchange: your burden for His rest. He clothes you in His righteousness, fills you with His peace; bringing comfort, healing, wholeness and joy.

There’s more! The Bible says He lifts you up to a place of victory, right beside Him, at the right hand of the Father! That means at any time, no matter what you are facing, just close your natural eyes and open your spiritual eyes to see you are not alone, not defeated, but filled with the Presence of a Mighty Saviour – Who has already conquered this battle for you. Draw deeply from His Spirit and receive all you need to overcome victoriously today.