You Have God’s Word on It!

God’s Word is perfect. There is nothing lacking or incomplete in it. It’s rock solid and dependable. When we receive it into our minds and hearts with the right attitude, it goes to work bringing life and restoration to every part of us. So what is the right attitude we should have when it comes to God’s Word?

To begin with, we need to see it for what it is. It’s an extension of God Himself… Which means it’s the ultimate truth and it cannot fail. It’s also alive with God’s love and power. When we read it, no matter what the world looks like around us, no matter how we are feeling at the time, God’s Word has the power to comfort us, build a sure hope inside us, and overwhelm us with perfect peace. It really becomes an anchor to our souls. What’s more, we can fully trust it to do its transforming work in us, moulding us into the character of Christ.

Psalm 19:7 says the testimony of the Lord is sure. His testimony is His sworn statement; that validates the credibility of His written Word. This means we can believe God’s written word will do all it says it will do in us because we have God’s own spoken Word on it. Embrace God’s Word today – let it restore, perfect and transform you – you know it will because you have His Word on it!