Your Path of Victory

What kind of life would you desire for someone you love and truly care for? Would you be delighted to see them walking in purpose and full of the joy and life God has made available for them? Is there any lid of limitation you would put on their wellbeing and success?

Now take a moment to consider this: God, the author of life itself, so loved you that He gave Jesus, so you are able to live in and with Him, enjoying the fullness and abundance of a life well worth living! How do we get to experience this kind of life that seems too good to be true, especially when the circumstances we find ourselves in contradict it? Well, the Word of God is powerful enough to change your circumstances.  All you need to do is choose to believe what it says, meditate on it and speak in agreement with it – even before you see the change take place!  When we delight in the Lord and choose to rejoice in Him and in His Word – we set the course of our lives in the right direction!

Understand, your Heavenly Father loves you so intensely, and desires to see you walk in an even richer, fuller life than you could ever dream or imagine! So work with Him – choose to delight in Him. Make an unwavering decision to rejoice in Him letting His Word influence your thoughts, words, and actions; paving the path of victory He has always intended for you to walk in.