You’re invited!

Did you know the Lord has invited you to sit at His table and feast on His goodness and mercy right now! The Word says He has prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies. You don’t have to wait for heaven to receive His empowerment of supernatural grace and divine favour. You can enjoy a feast of His abundant provision right now!

Your cup can run over with His irrepressible joy the moment you respond to Him and embrace all He lays out before you. His Word will nourish and keep you in a place of wisdom and peace. As you eat and drink freely from Him and His Word, you’ll find yourself being strengthened and reinforced to live with purpose.

You will represent your King well on the earth and extend His kingdom wherever you go. Choosing to daily accept His invitation will set you on a course where others will see you have been set apart to live free from the bondage of sin and the mental slavery it ensures. Don’t wait a moment longer, come – eat at the table of the Lord!