A Good Theme

hen we take a moment to reflect on the Lord, what thoughts spontaneously come to mind? Do they overflow with affection, joy, and gratitude? Or do they conjure up regret, guilt, or a feeling of estranged distance? If you are leaning towards the latter, it’s certainly time to pick up the Word of God and find out the truth of Who He is and what His thoughts are about you. If things in your past have left you disappointed and offended towards God – your eyes need to be opened to the truth that He is not responsible for, or the source of your pain. Living in a world that is conducive to evil and under the influence of an enemy who is relentless in his pursuit to destroy your life and deceive you concerning the true nature of God is a reality. However, the Lord has consistently shown Himself to be a Good and Faithful and powerful Deliverer to all who call on His Name. His plans for you ARE good, right, pleasing, and more than satisfying. They are sound, wholesome, and full of integrity – just as He is. Dare to open your heart to the truth about Him and let this good theme flow in your spirit, bringing healing and life to your soul.