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Faith Revival 5.0

30 Oct '22 6 Nov '22

  Are you ready to join us for revival from October 30 – November 6, 2022? Email: to register for the upcoming Faith Revival 5.0 meeting. We declare that as you fully immerse yourself in the praise and worship of God, as well as the teaching of His Word, you will know the reality of heaven here on Earth in your daily life in Jesus’ name!   PLEASE NOTE: Our team…

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Jubilee July

30 Jun '22

FREE AT LAST!  Hallelujah! We are certainly living in times where the church of Jesus Christ is being awakened to live and operate in the freedom and authority we have been given through the finished work of the cross, and our covenant relationship we have with our God! We are so excited to celebrate this freedom with all our partners in South Africa, as we officially take occupation of the…

June Newsletter

1 Jun '22

Can you believe this year has already reached the half-way mark? While it may be true that the world around us is reeling from the adverse after effects of a world pandemic, God has and is proving Himself faithful to His nature and Word! He is as generous as He is personal! Let’s take a look at the generous nature of our God. To begin with, let’s consider His Name….

A Legacy from God

2 May '22

FAITH BROADCASTING NETWORK – 20th ANNIVERSARY May 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Faith Broadcasting Network. The preceding 20 years is a testimony to the goodness of God and the manifestation of the power of His Word and Holy Spirit. Christian television on the continent of Africa has grown extensively since 2000, both on satellite as well as terrestrially. The forerunner to this explosion was the introduction of Christian television…

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