A Quality Christian

Someone who is willing and determined to live out the new life he has been given in Christ Jesus by giving himself to the Word and prayer and living pure and righteously, through the help of the Holy Spirit, will become skilled in His walk of faith and Christian character. As He grows and develops in the things of God, so does His authority and anointing, to the point where he is living out God’s perfect will, laying up for himself eternal significance in God’s kingdom.  In Matthew 25, Jesus taught the parable of the talents.  A master gave talents in different quantities to three of His servants, each according to his own ability.  While he was gone, two of the servants worked diligently with what was given them. The third servant neglected to do anything with the talent he was given.  When the master returned His reward to his servants was in the form of responsibility and authority over His kingdom interests. To the two who diligently gave themselves to grow what was given them – their reward was great, but to the one who refused to even regard his talent as worthy of consideration, was stripped of what he was given, and lost it to the servant who was the most diligent of the three. The Bible said the lazy servant’s excuse was fear, or complete lack of faith.  As believer’s, we are told to live by faith through love. This is what marks us as God’s Own. We must be aware that our interest in, and devotion to the things of the spirit has eternal significance.  The value we place on the kingdom of God now will determine the reward of responsibility and authority in His kingdom for eternity.  It’s time to examine ourselves to see if Christ is truly seen living in us, so we are not disqualified at His coming.