A Supernatural Display of His Goodness

The very first miracle Jesus performed, showing off the goodness of God, was at the wedding in Cana. It’s most fitting to use the celebration of a wedding feast as the backdrop for our first lesson in working miracles! That’s because every motive God has concerning invading our natural world with the supernatural is to bring people joy!  When we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and influence the world around us with His love and power, we must always remember that the fruit of joy is going to be evident in the lives of those we touch!  The other significant truth we learn from this miraculous event is revealed in Mary’s simple faith.  We can draw great value from the instruction she gives to the servants: “Do whatever He tells you to do.” As we  practice instant obedience to God’s Word, we will see every result it promises to deliver! Jesus only did what His Father instructed Him to do, and it always resulted in a glorious success. A life set apart for the supernatural has everything to do with our faith in and obedience to God’s  Word. Practice listening to, and obeying His voice as He speaks directly to your spirit. You will see how it will lead you to display God’s goodness in a supernatural way!