Alive in God – Dead to Sin!

Jesus came so that we could have and enjoy abundant life, to the point where it literally overflows from us to others (John 10:10). In order to experience this fullness of life and the all-encompassing blessing that comes from our inseparable connection with God – we must consider ourselves dead to sin. When we die to our old nature we are no longer affected by the things of this world. Sin, with its selfish desires and ability to ensnare us and hold us in bondage to fear has no more power over us!

Our new life in Jesus brings a new reality of freedom and power to not only overcome, but live with a victorious mindset that is only obtainable through faith! The Bible instructs us to become alive to God, so we’ll become absolutely dead to sin! Staying in love with Jesus and His Word keeps us alive in Him! Romans 8:2 expresses that we have the law of the Spirit of Life flowing through us by our divine union with Jesus Christ! It is a law stronger than any other that exists!

Focus on this new surge of life in the Spirit and intentionally and violently refuse anything that contradicts His way of living! As God’s children who are led by His Spirit, we must ensure that every day is lived alive in Him and dead to everything that is not of Him. It’s easier than you think when you are in love with Him and delight in His ways.