Always Praising!
Praising God has never been a suggestion for the believer! When we praise Him, the Bible says He inhabits our praises. He levels the obstacle’s that are in our way. Praising God through the situations we face is an act of faith, where we declare His sovereign power over them.
So, while we focus on the magnificence of our God – and His ability to do the impossible – we speak directly to every opposing voice and power, declaring deliverance and change. All things are turned around to align with God’s Word and bring Him glory…when we praise Him!
Understand, your praise will make space in your life for God to inhabit and be enthroned in every detail; and it simultaneously silences the enemy and confuses his plans concerning you. So today, let your praise be an act of thankfulness towards your God, Who loves and cares for you so deeply, and is about to move mightily on your behalf.