Anointed to Outrun!

When Elijah heard the sound of a mighty rainstorm overhead, he had just gotten through single-handedly slaughtering 450 prophets of Baal, under the power of God!  He sent word to King Ahab and warned him to make haste and ride back to Jezreel, a city nearly 20 miles away before the rain made enough mud to cause his chariot’s wheels to get stuck. The moment Elijah tucked in his cloak to run, the supernatural power of God came upon him again and as he took his first step, he experienced supernatural acceleration!

On foot, the prophet not only caught up to the horse-driven chariot, but he also outran it! If the supernatural power of God could come upon a man to cause him to outrun the heavy rains, and horse-driven chariot in full gallop, after slaying 450 wicked men – how much more will God supernaturally empower us to live a life of purpose for Him?  Especially now that we are under the New Covenant and have His Spirit living continuously the inside of us!

Let today be the day you outrun anything and everything that has kept you back or slowed you down, in your pursuit of knowing God and living in the full purpose He has called and anointed you to fulfil, in Jesus’ Name! You are anointed to outsmart and outrun the devil on every account!