Arise and Shine!

The Glory of God is His manifest Presence. The Apostle Paul reminds us that not only is the glory of God shining upon us; but because Jesus Christ lives in us, the glory is in us too! In John 1 we read that Jesus is the light of the world and as His light shines in and through us, the darkness around us will never be able to overpower it or put it out.

In Philippians 2:15-16 it says that in the midst of a brutal and perverse culture, we will be seen as shining lights, offering to all men the words of life. That’s because we are glory carriers! But we have to take our position and shine. How do we do this? Mark 4:24 teaches us that whatever we treasure and give attention to will cause more of the same to be added to us! So anything we treasure and steward well attracts more of the same.

As we gather together as the church, worshiping Him, and demonstrating His love and acts of power, the glory of God that’s within us pulls on the glory of heaven and we begin to shine brighter and brighter! So much so that Isaiah prophesied nations will come to our light. It’s time to take our place in this earth and shine brighter than ever before; the world needs the manifest presence of Jesus and we are the ones to give it to them!