Since the beginning, God’s plan has been to fill all things with His glory, His order, beauty, and life. When He created man in His own image, He placed that same desire inside him, placed him in the garden, and gave him the authority to change everything outside of that garden. God could have destroyed the devil and his demons, but His choice has always been to destroy darkness through those who are made in His image, and have His heart – by choice.

As believers, the authority that Adam relinquished to the devil through rebellion has been reinstated to us – through the finished work of the cross. Our purpose is to live full of God’s love, to carry His heart and release His glory, His order, beauty and life – through lives completely surrendered to Him – by choice. God has revealed His divine strategy to us through His Word and by His Spirit.

Today, as you yield to His love, listen to His voice; rely on His power at work within you; and walk in your delegated authority – destroying the power of darkness – one surrendered, obedient step at a time.