Be Yourself

There are countless self-help books available – teaching people to discover, understand, and embrace who they really are. As much as we are all uniquely and wonderfully made, the only way to truly know ourselves is to know the One Who planned, designed, created and breathed life into us. As much as we were physically born into this natural world that has fallen prey to the cruel realities and results of sin, there is a new way of life and identity for us to enjoy.

In Galatians 2:20 it says our old, sinful nature – that was bound to misery, confusion, and hopelessness – has died with Christ. We have been born again and raised to a new life in Him. Now we live, and move and have our purpose in Him. A brand new nature has been birthed in our spirits. A nature that is perfect, full of peace, joy, goodness, kindness and every excellent quality found in God Himself!

Just as He is set apart and holy, we are too – because we are in and from Him. Embrace your new nature in Christ Jesus and be yourself in Him – radiating His goodness and beauty wherever you go.