Beware of Spiritual Ignorance

When we encounter the Lord Jesus Christ, all we want is to know Him more and to live every day of our lives pleasing Him.  This was true for the Apostle Paul.  The moment Saul was knocked down by the power of God, on the road to Damascus, and encountered the Lord Jesus Christ – he only had two distinct questions: The first was to know the author of this voice that had the power to so violently interrupt his life.  The second, once he knew it was the Living Lord, was to know what Jesus wanted him to do with the rest of his life. This is a stark difference from the response of people who are fed a most popular, yet false Gospel.  Instead of hearts being arrested by the glory and wonder of an awesome, all seeing and all-knowing God – Who has the power to snatch them out of the kingdom of darkness and bring them into the kingdom of light – they are told about a god Who has no expectation of them at all. In fact, they are told they don’t even have to repent of their sin. That’s because the one world religion that is being pushed by many leading denominations and churches today, presents a god that is tolerable of all beliefs and lifestyles, with no eternal consequence. Unfortunately, the truth of God’s Word has long since been absent from the pulpits of many churches, resulting in a colossal lack of discernment and an abounding revolution of spiritual ignorance.  If we are going to keep our attention on, and our minds plugged into the things of this world more than on the truth of God’s Word, we are going to be swept away in this tide of deception too. We will literally be sowing seeds of spiritual ignorance into our lives. The Bible warns us of the great deception that will cover the earth in these last days, a deception that no-one is immune from.  Only those who deliberately choose to live by the Spirit will not be caught being controlled by the impulses of the carnal nature that is embraced and celebrated by this false, end time religion.  Stay alert, keep yourself in God’s Word, and live controlled by the leading of the Holy Spirit and you will not be overcome by the deadly deception that’s beginning to dominate this world.