Build an Atmosphere of Faith

Miracles are directly linked to our faith. In truth, everything about our Christian walk revolves around and depends on faith. In His Word, God insists we respond to Him in faith! In fact, the Bible says we can’t approach Him, or please Him without it (Hebrews 11:6). Even Jesus – the Son of God – couldn’t perform miracles in an atmosphere of unbelief. In this particular passage, people recognised Jesus as the local carpenter’s son, and that familiarity bred contempt. They just couldn’t see Him as the Son of God and had no faith to believe He could work the miraculous.

There is nothing more crucial for a believer, than cultivating an atmosphere of faith in our lives. We do this by remaining in the Word! God’s Word holds and creates a sure hope of wonderful promises for us, and builds a solid, living faith in His willingness and ability to honour it.

Even when we don’t see the reality of His promises immediately, that atmosphere of faith keeps us rooted and grounded – trusting Him until they are manifest. Make spending time in God’s Word your priority, and consciously build an atmosphere of faith for Him to freely operate in.