Choose Life

There are over 7000 promises recorded in the Holy Bible; in Deuteronomy 28, Moses highlights many of these promises concerning the blessing of God. God has given all of us the freedom to choose between life and death, the blessing and the curse. Think about this for a moment: although God’s desire is for us to live a life of abundance, prosperity and divine health; bottom-line, we have to choose life to enjoy the blessing of God. As life is a choice, death also is a choice.

Why would anyone deliberately choose death? It comes down to serving the flesh. When we allow our flesh to dominate our daily thoughts, words and actions over and above the way of the Spirit, we choose death. Notice the Word says “IF you diligently OBEY the voice of the Lord…”

Making a quality decision to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit in all we do is a deliberate choice for life. So begin to set a new path for life today; choose to listen and obey the Spirit of God and refuse to be led by the flesh. Then get ready to see the blessing of God begin to manifest in every area of your life!