Compassion that Acts!

Jonah was commissioned by God to reach the people of Nineveh, who were living in absolute darkness. God’s compassion for the people of that city went beyond just feeling sorry for their lost souls; His compassion for them compelled Him to intervene. He sent Jonah to warn them and draw them to repentance. Jonah wrestled with the reality that no matter how wicked these people were, if they repented, God would forgive them.

In today’s world, there are millions of people, living in spiritual darkness, that need Jesus. They need the truth of the Gospel and an encounter with the Living God. Some are caught in sin that society regards as despicable; others walkabout with deep hatred or resentment for people, vowing to never forgive or trust again; some have even lost all sense or regard for the value of human life.

Whatever it is, however it looks like – people need the Lord, and His compassion towards them is overwhelming. These are the people we encounter every day, without even giving their spiritual condition a second thought, and we have what they need to be free. Walk alert to the heart of God today, ready to share His love and truth to people right there in your path.