Covenant Keeper

In the Old Testament, the Israelites were God’s covenant people. When they walked in His ways, they experienced His overwhelming goodness in their lives. However, their disobedience stopped an entire generation from entering the Promised Land. The finished work of the Cross provided a far better covenant. The blood of Jesus forgives our sins and makes us righteous before the Father.

We have the right to be called His sons and daughters, making us heirs to His eternal kingdom – where everything that belongs to Him is ours. Wholeness, health, deliverance and prosperity, belongs to the believer. We have heaven’s resources at our disposal because of the covenant we have entered into. So what is our part of this covenant?

It is to give ourselves completely to the love of God and live out His will. Even this we don’t do in our own strength. The Spirit of God dwells in each believer, enabling us to trust and lean entirely on Him. The work His Spirit does enables us to desire God’s perfect will and to do it! (Philippians 2:13). Each day we surrender to His Spirit we fulfil our part of the covenant and live in its marvellous benefits.