Crossing Over

Looking at this portion of scripture, can you imagine the level of single-minded focus the Israelites had to have as they crossed over? There was a strong, mighty wind that drove the sea back to create a path for them. And as they crossed, there was a huge, towering wall of water on either side of their path. It would have been completely natural for them to be overwhelmed by this incredible, somewhat deafening miracle that completely defied anything they had ever seen or heard of! But they remained focused on following their instructions to hastily keep to the path and move forward. This is the same type of single-minded focus the Word tells us to have as it instructs us to look away from all that will distract, and keep our attention on Jesus who is the Leader and Source of our faith. As we follow His lead, having single-minded focused on His instructions, we will confidently walk in the safety of His perfect will – into victory every time!