Don’t Be Intimidated

In verse 27 of Philippians 1, Paul instructs Believers to live as citizens of heaven, and conduct themselves in a way that is worthy of all they have been given in Christ! God has given us every promise in His Word as our inheritance – something we can live in right now, before we get to heaven.  This means we need to conduct ourselves as though every benefit and promise belongs to us now.  Of course, there will be great opposition to this.  This kind of victorious living is in direct contradiction to the kingdom of darkness. Living this way will most certainly rile up opposition and criticism, but Paul said to not be intimidated by what they say in any way! In other words, be fearless of criticism when you know you are living in a way that honours God and represents everything you have in Christ Jesus. Your fearlessness to take possession of every promise as you live a holy and righteous life will be a sure sign to everyone that God is with you and for you. Before the children of Israel went to spy out the promised land, God told them the land belonged to them, and that He would give them the victory over those who opposed them, regardless of how fearsome they appeared.  How different things would have been for a whole generation of Israelites if those 10 spies had joined with Joshua and Caleb and believed the Word of the Lord and carried it with them as their conviction when they entered the land. Their courage and confidence, based on their belief in God’s promise would have caused God’s people to not be intimidated. In fact, their enemies would have been intimidated by Israel’s unshakable confidence in her God.  Instead of an entire generation having to die in their unbelief in the wilderness – they could have conquered the enemy and inhabited the land of their promise that very day.  Decide to believe God’s Word and make it your conviction so that you will not be intimidated by those who oppose you, as you live out the reality of His promises.