Don’t Fear – Trust God!

It’s natural for people to have a fearful and negative outlook when trouble comes, but we were not made to respond to challenges in a natural way.  Since our spirits are inseparably connected to the Spirit of God, and His powerful life, wisdom, and peace is accessible to us in an unlimited supply; our response to trouble is to turn directly to Him.

As believers, we have no business engaging in fear. Whether it be fear of failure or fear of man – fear itself is not our portion.  However, the reverential fear of the Lord is wisdom! We would do well to understand that refusing to place our full trust in God by choosing to yield to fear is offensive to Him.  Jesus told us to have the faith of God (Mark 11:22).  That means when trouble comes, we can be confident that failure is not an option.  If we are acting on His Word, then no matter what comes against us in opposition to that word, it will move out the way – as long as we stand our ground and believe.

Our faith is exercised and made stronger when it’s put to the test! So when those tough times come – rejoice in the Lord, knowing full well He is waiting for you to turn entirely to Him in trust, to stand on His word and see your victory come.