Don’t Waste the Wait

Faith is not blindly hoping for something to happen – it’s knowing something is going to happen. That’s because it’s birthed from a place of true conviction and revelation of who God is. When we pray in faith we can be confident, knowing God doesn’t just hear our prayers – He answers them. According to Isaiah 55:8-9, God’s ways are higher than our ways.

Even when the breakthrough doesn’t happen according to our schedule – rest assured God’s Word guarantees every promise and provision is ours because we are His children. Our prayers were answered the moment we prayed and believed, regardless of whether we saw it in the natural or not.

Our part is to stand believing, until we see what has already been done in the supernatural become part of our natural world. While you are waiting, do the will of God! That is to rejoice in God’s faithfulness to you and His Word, and maintain a thankful heart – because He who has promised is faithful to accomplish His Word concerning you!