Doubt is a Liar

John the Baptist was supposed to be the man chosen to prepare the way for the Lord. The very same person who leaped in his mother’s womb, filled with the Holy Spirit, at the greeting of pregnant Mary. It was John who announced the Messiah’s coming, proclaiming Jesus would baptise people in the Holy Spirit and with fire.

This was the very man who, after baptising Jesus, saw the heavens open; the Holy Spirit descend; and heard the audible voice of God testify Jesus was the Son of God. So how could he now question the validity of Jesus – after all this? Once we have received a revelation of Jesus and the love of God, the devil will always sow seeds of doubt to counteract the power that revelation would release in our lives. Doubting the validity of God’s Word is always based on a lie, and must be cast down in Jesus’ Name.

Since you know the Word to be true, and God has revealed Himself plainly to you – don’t allow yourself to entertain the strategically planted thoughts purposed to rob you of experiencing God’s power. Stay rooted in the truth so you don’t throw away your confidence, always being mindful that doubt is a liar.