Established in Faith

God’s purpose for us, as believers, is not only to stand firm but to be established and rooted in His Word. That’s because His Word is truth and becomes an anchor for our souls when trouble or confusion comes. No matter what we face in this world, circumstances don’t determine our future outcome – not if we have chosen to come into agreement with God’s Word. As we remain rooted and established and refuse to back down, God will honour His Word concerning us.

The Bible says it’s through faith and patience that we receive the manifestation of every promise we have inherited through the finished work of the cross. The word patience means a steadfast endurance to never give up trusting God and His Word until we see every promise become our reality.

Remember, the power of His Word in us is greater than the troubles around us. Remain rooted in God’s Word and you will see your faith become strong and tenacious, establishing you in His promises as you gloriously overcome every obstacle that stands in the way of your victory.