Experience Faith

Faith is the gateway to influence this world with the reality of God’s kingdom without limits! In God’s kingdom there is no lack, sickness, depression or defeat. Faith is a place of complete trust in our covenant God, where we know He will honour His Word and we will see every one of His promises fulfilled in our lives, so we can do great exploits for Him!

The moment He speaks into our spirits, and we act on what He says, our trust in Him to provide, heal, restore, and move every contradicting obstacle provokes the supernatural power of God to operate in every situation. First: His Word must speak into our spirits, so we believe it! Then: we must act on that word. If we need financial provision, we give. If we believe for healing, we do something we couldn’t do before and keep thanking God for that healing. Whatever we believe for, we must act on it and not wait for a sign. We must move towards that thing in faith!

Remember: faith is pure trust that once we’ve taken that step of obedience, it always leads to us experiencing God’s faithfulness to answer and meet every need. It’s that experience that builds within us a rock-solid confidence that cannot be shaken!