Jesus made it clear that to know and understand things of the spirit, we need to perceive things from our spirits, and not our natural intellect.  In fact, just understanding God’s word through our mental capacity alone will rob us of really experiencing its power!  The moment we became born-again, our spirits were made alive by the Spirit of God.  That means we were given the ability to perceive things that reach beyond this natural world. God’s Own Spirit reveals His truth, from the scriptures, directly to our spirits.  As we read and meditate on God’s word, the Holy Spirit causes it to come alive inside us!  We see its truth through the eyes of our spirit-man, which is far superior than just seeing it through our mental capacity to understand. This is the way we are expected to live – perceiving things through eyes of faith, not through our natural senses which limits God’s power in our lives. Practice seeing things through your eyes of faith so you can live in the fullness of life God has for you!