Faith that Endures

Just as any athlete requires patience and stamina to complete his race victoriously, we require spiritual stamina and endurance in the walk of faith. Without it, we won’t be able to grow in God and become effective for His kingdom. Every temptation will trip us up, or distract us from accurately hearing God’s voice and following His perfect plan in every situation.

Without spiritual maturity we react, too quickly, overpowered by our emotions; instead of patiently hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit and responding with His wisdom. When we let patience have its perfect work in us, we’ll come through every challenge complete; fully developed; wanting and lacking nothing.

Through the power of patient endurance, you’ll see everything from God’s perspective and remain expectant. Don’t be impatient in the process. Abraham received the promise after he patiently endured, never wavering in His faith – and that’s how you’re going to receive too.