Fearless Confidence

If you’ve been faithful to walk in faith and obey God’s Word, but haven’t seen the results you’ve been promised – don’t for one moment think giving up is an option! The Word says we inherit the promises of God through faith AND PATIENCE! (Hebrews 6:12). What is patience?

Patience undergirds and sustains our faith right until we see the promise we’ve been believing for. The Word you have locked up in your heart, and believe, activates the powerful fruit of patience that already exists inside you. It’s a quality of the Holy Spirit that refuses to believe anything but the truth of God’s Word and His ability to accomplish what it says in your life. It encourages you to hold steadily onto those promises, pushing forward in faith and refusing to draw back in fear.

So don’t stop putting the word first in your life, keep doing what it says to do, and let the force of patience give you the fearless confidence to hold on – until you see your reward become your reality.