God’s Word Prospers Us

When we recognize God’s Word to be His perfect will and wisdom for our lives – we begin to pay it the honour it truly deserves. This recognition stirs up a desire inside us to know the Word even more. When we discover that loving and obeying its wise instructions results in the favour and blessing of God – we hunger after it all the more!

Mark 4:24 it says the amount of attention we pay to the truth (Word) we study and hear, will be the measure of virtue and knowledge that is produced in us. The word virtue means excellence of moral quality or excellence of soul. In other words, the Word of God we give ourselves to, will cause our souls to prosper!

Now, according to 3 John 1:2, when our souls prosper, we prosper in every way and will experience good health! The Centurion in Matthew 8:8 recognized that Jesus was under the authority of His Heavenly Father.  He knew the words Jesus spoke were in absolute agreement with His Father’s will and would prosper and produce whatever He said.  As we honour God’s Word and yield ourselves to it, it will cause our souls to prosper and everything else in our lives will follow suit!