He Will Finish What He Started

God always finishes what He starts. He will always bring to completion what He begins. Not even death can stop His marvellous work. He never leaves anything unfinished or undone. And He’s never anxious when things look like they’re going askew. The Bible says all things work according to His glorious plan. While our lives are hidden in Him, we can be sure His plan is being worked in and through us, and it is glorious!

Our part is to keep pursuing His Presence as the one thing that overrides and outshines anything else. As we put Him and His ways first place in our lives, every other detail will be personally taken care of by Him. Remain steadfastly composed in faith, knowing that as you love Him and follow after His wisdom, He will work everything together for His glory.

You can confidently trust the Lord to provide all you need when you need it. You can trust Him to keep His promises and finish what He started in you.