Healed by the Word

God loves us so much that He gave us different ways to be able to receive healing and restoration for our bodies. Through the working of the Holy Spirit, there are many believers who have become skilled in operating in the gifts of healings, and through the laying on of hands, have seen many people healed that way.  Another extremely effective way every believer is able to receive healing is through believing the Word of God! In Matthew chapter 8, a Roman centurion declared that Jesus only had to speak the Word and He knew the miraculous, healing power of God would go to work!  There are those who doubt whether it’s God’s will to heal them because they partly believe He can place sickness on people – just as He did in the Old Testament.  It’s important to note that each time God smote people with sickness it was a punishment and curse for their wrongdoing.  But the Bible says God placed our punishment and curse upon Jesus when He hung on the cross! He became a curse for us, and now only good and perfect gifts come to us from the Lord (James 1:13-17). Hallelujah! Jesus bore that curse so that we never have to! 1 Peter 3:24 says that by the stripes of Jesus – we were healed!  The curse of sin has already been broken! This is what the Word of God says! All we need to do is believe it and thank Him for it! The more we spend time renewing our minds to the truth of what the Word says has already been done for us – the more the power to heal is released from our spirits and into our bodies. Understand, the same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in your re-born spirit! As you believe the Word that power will quicken your body and make it whole because the Word has gone to work in you!