His Mission is Our Mission

One of the main themes of the Old Testament is revealing the severity of sin and how it separates mankind from intimately knowing God, as a loving, generous Father.  In the New Testament, Jesus comes as the express image of the Father – to demonstrate His true nature to us.

Jesus understood the urgency of His mission. He carried His Father’s heart of compassion for people and desired to see them set free from the bondage of sin and its consequences. Under the power of the Holy Spirit He brought deliverance, healing and wholeness, with sincere love, kindness and joy. Then, through the finished work of the cross He destroyed the work of the devil and triumphed over Him gloriously.  He made a way for everyone to be raised to newness of life in Him – to stand redeemed and whole, and full of power and authority over our enemy the devil. This is the Gospel we must preach, with the same urgency Jesus did!  That’s because it is the power of God that snatches lives out of the kingdom of darkness and brings them into the kingdom of light!

You and I are called as His ambassadors, with all of heaven backing us, to do the will of His Father!  Let His power and compassion well up inside you, as you enforce the devil’s defeat over people’s lives and see them delivered, healed, and made whole!