His Purpose

Proverbs 16:4a (NLT): “The Lord has made everything for His own purposes…”

Today an increasingly popular motto is: “Live your truth” The word ‘truth’ here relates to subjective truth, based on personal feelings or opinions, regardless of what the Absolute Truth says. While it sounds appealing and empowering, its end is the way of destruction and separation from God, Who is the Source of Truth. The Bible clearly teaches that we have been created by God, and for God. Even before we were formed in our mothers’ wombs He set a plan and purpose in place for our lives. It’s one that leads to a purposeful, satisfied life; full of His grace and divine favour. As we move forward following God’s truth, He continuously leads us into new territories. Sometimes they are unchartered, or even along paths less traveled, but never without His provision, protection, and careful attention regarding us. Always remember we were created by Him, and for Him, for a purpose more fulfilling and rewarding than we could dare to imagine. So whatever He tells you to do, faithfully and willingly follow after His truth and your purpose will reflect His Own.