I Am Healed!

The Word doesn’t say we “will be”, “could be”, or even “should be” healed.  It says we “are” healed! Never see yourself as sick, trying to get healed; but rather see yourself as healed, refusing to accept whatever sickness is trying to attach itself to your body, like yours. According to Mark 11:24, the moment we pray and believe for our healing to manifest – is the precise moment we receive it.

Even if we can’t see or feel any change in the natural; by faith, that healing has taken place. Remember, faith is believing before we see the evidence in the natural. We do however see it in the spirit. We keep a mental picture of what the Word says is ours constantly before us, just as Abraham did. Imagine your body healed, whole, and free from sickness – just as Jesus said you are. Then speak in line with that picture and constantly thank the Lord for His power at work in you.

Jesus died so we can be healed of all sickness and disease, and He gave us the authority to believe it, speak it, and receive it! Take His gift of healing by faith today and make it your own!