Know Your Enemy

Every believer living on earth needs to be aware that we have an adversary who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy every good thing we have in Christ Jesus. Even though He is a defeated foe, he will waste no time illegally stealing from or assaulting any believer who is ignorant of his tactics, or does not know their authority in Jesus. Paul wrote that being ignorant of the devils’ devices will result in him gaining an advantage over us. In the book of Ephesians we are commanded to give no foothold to the devil. That means give him no place in our lives. The area where we would be able to do this is the area of our minds.  This is where the battlefield over our souls takes place. This is where we must be intentional concerning every thought we pay attention to. We remain a fortified city that locks the devil out of messing with our lives when we measure our thoughts against the truth of God’s word.  Any thought that is contrary to the nature of  God’s word is not attached to the spirit of faith and must be immediately taken captive and cast out of our minds. Then, we are to replace those illegal thoughts with God’s truth that is full of power and releases life and peace!  The devil works by attacking our minds with thoughts of  doubt, fear, unbelief, jealousy, lust, pride, and confusion just to name a few. For us to effectively combat these methods and schemes of the adversary we must put measures in place such as prayer, meditation on the Word, worship, praise and walking in love at all times! I declare to you today, that no matter what weapon the enemy forms against you – it will NEVER prosper as you fortify your mind with God’s truth, recognise every thought that is in rebellion to God and cast it out! Always replacing it with truth!  Turn the table on the devil – beat him at his own game and watch him flee from you in defeat and terror!