Live By Faith, Not By Sight!

We live in a world where what is visible is celebrated more than what is invisible. As believers, we walk by faith and not by sight. We understand there is an unseen reality that is far more significant than what can be seen in this natural world. Since we are born of God, we are inseparably connected to the Kingdom of Heaven through Jesus.

We carry a distinct purpose to influence this natural world with the atmosphere of Heaven. Anything permitted in Heaven can and must be rightfully and legally spoken into this world, even before it visibly exists. You and I have been authorized by God to reach into the spiritual realm by faith and speak His will into existence. Don’t lose sight of what is more real and everlasting by getting caught up in what we see and feel around us. We have the authority to push back the tide of evil, corruption, lack and every plan of the devil by proclaiming the truth of God’s Word in this world.

We are God’s representatives and we will see His kingdom established every place we go. Let’s keep our eyes fixed on what is eternal and live from Heaven’s perspective on this earth; this is our mandate – living by faith and not by sight.