Live in The Spirit of Victory!

Ignorance is not bliss. Jesus is coming back soon. The Day of Judgment is at hand; and we will stand face-to-face before the Son of God, giving account for the lives we chose to live. We will be held accountable according to the victory of the cross. But we can never know this victory unless we choose to cultivate an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.

It’s the Holy Spirit Who teaches us every part of living the victory of the cross. He reveals the Person of Jesus to us. He brings God’s Word that we already know to remembrance whenever we need it. He constantly communicates the atmosphere of heaven with us and shows us how to live each moment of each day in victory.

The Holy Spirit remains in us; He works in our hearts and leads us into truth. So embrace the relationship you have been given – to know the Spirit of victory Himself and live in Him. This way we will be more than ready for the day we are called to give an account. This way we will confidently say, “As He was, so were we in this world!”