Love the Word

When we understand how powerful God’s Word is, and how much importance He places on it – we begin to treat it with the greatest respect, and eagerly welcome it into our hearts. Not only does the Word fill our hearts with peace and joy when we believe it, it gives us exactly what is needed to access every promise written in it.

What do we need to access the promises? Faith! And faith only comes from the Word we receive and believe as the final authority in our lives. Psalm 34:10 says when we come before the Lord, asking Him for whatever His Word has authorised – we will never lack anything beneficial.

The word promises we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm – the only way to access those blessings is by faith. Let’s choose to love and honour God’s Word each day – it will produce the faith we need to walk in the reality of all He’s promised us!