Mind What You Think!

When we made Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives, an instantaneous miracle took place! 2 Corinthians 5:17 says our spirit-man, inside of us, became brand new! This change took place in our spirits, not our souls (mind, will, emotions), or our bodies.  It’s vitally important we take careful note of the following truth: Whether this miraculous change that has taken place in your spirit ever manifests itself in your mental and physical realm depends on what you think.  Romans 7 describes the very real tug-of-war between the flesh, which is the natural you, and the spirit.  They literally pull us in opposite directions.  One example of this is getting up a little earlier in the mornings to spend time with the Lord.  Our spirit-man is extremely willing, but when that alarm goes off in the morning – our flesh screams, “NO WAY!” Of course, there are countless examples of how this pull in polar directions is a consistent part of our daily lives, and if we aren’t made aware of it, we can slip into pleasing our flesh and shutting off the supernatural flow of God’s power and blessing in our lives – without even realising it.  The bottom line is this: How we think determines what we experience.  Pastor Andrew Wommack, a powerful teacher of the Word, explains it like this: “If you keep your mind on the physical, natural things – not even necessarily sinful things, then you’ll be limited to and dominated by your flesh.” You might even be a very moral person, but you won’t experience the supernatural life of God flowing into your thoughts, governing your emotions, and leading your decisions. When you remain in the spirit, fixed on what God’s Word says, you’ll experience the peace and joy of God flooding from your spirit-man into your soul. You’ll begin to picture yourself experiencing what the Word says about you and all you have in Christ.   Since your mind is tuned into the frequency of your spirit, you’ll clearly hear His leading in all things. Pay attention to what is dominating your thoughts so God’s limitless power can flow and bring His blessing into your natural reality.