Obedience Brings Breakthrough

Where you are right now is not where you are always going to be. The way of God’s Kingdom is  increase and since we belong to that kingdom, and are it’s ambassadors here on earth, increase is in our nature. If you feel stuck in a place of stagnation, be encouraged today, because your decision to consistently listen to God’s voice, and follow His instructions will produce a fruitful future.  Peter and his companions had spent the whole night fishing, with nothing to show for it. But when Peter obeyed Jesus’ instruction to throw the net out again, breakthrough came!Breakthrough is released when we consistently pay attention to and obey the Word of God. It’s truth in our hearts and principles applied to our lives will most certainly produce it’s excellent quality in us, affecting every area of our lives (Mark 4:24). If you feel as though you’re restricted  and limited by your circumstances, it’s time to increase your attention to the Word of God and hear what the Lord is telling you to do.  Your response will determine whether your limits remain, or your breakthrough propels you into a life of blessing and purpose.