Power and Authority

The disciples marvelled because the wind and waves obeyed Jesus. The storm these well-seasoned fishermen faced that night not only caught them off guard, but arose so suddenly and ferociously they actually believed they were going to drown. Even though moments before, Jesus had given them the sound instruction to go to the other side of the lake, the intensity of that storm was so terrifying it caused them to become paralysed with fear. Even when we know our God, Who is ALL-KNOWING, ALL-POWERFUL and EVER-PRESENT is with us, there can be times we are so overwhelmed by our circumstances, we completely give in to fear and let our faith slip out of sight. But Jesus demonstrated how to operate in power and exercise our authority that night. Knowing we have been given the keys of the kingdom to declare on earth what is permitted in heaven, and refuse what is not – people will be amazed at the fearless authority we walk in. Pushing back the darkness and bringing glory to God through the miraculous becomes ‘work as usual’ for the child of God who knows his identity in Christ. Don’t let fear keep you from operating in your God-given power and authority today!