Power in Your Testimony

In Mark 16:15 Jesus tells us to go into all the world and openly preach the good news about Him to everyone! When we realise the power of our personal testimony, of how Jesus saved us and changed our lives around, we will become far more intentional in sharing it. Living in this world without knowing God or His covenant promises is to live without hope.

Since we were created for God – to intimately know Him and be filled with Him – not knowing Him leaves a void that cannot be filled or satisfied by anyone or anything else. That’s why, when the Holy Spirit empowers and leads us to tell others about Jesus and the life they can have in Him, our words are refreshing and life-giving. People long for Him, without even realising it.

Your timely testimony is like cold water to their thirsty souls. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you who you can share Jesus with today. Be sensitive to His voice and trust Him to give you the words they desperately need to hear. Partnering with the Holy Spirit like this causes you to be an agent of change and a bringer of good news to their lives.