Promises Fulfilled

The life and account of Abraham in the Bible stirs up a relentless faith in us. In the natural, it was impossible for Abraham and Sarah to conceive a single son, let alone father an entire nation. All they had to hold onto was a promise God gave them.

This promise became more of a reality to Abraham than anything else in his life. The Bible says he didn’t waver in his confidence in God’s faithfulness to keep His promise. The word “waver” means “to be undecided” or to “hesitate”. Abraham never doubted what God had spoken regarding their future. His faith got stronger as he firmly stood on and believed the promise.

Don’t get caught up focusing on what’s visible in the natural world we live in; instead, focus on God’s promises concerning you. Know He is fully able and willing to make His promises good. Follow Abraham’s example of refusing to waver in your confident trust in God and His Word. This way, just like Abraham, your faith will grow stronger and God will get all the glory as each promise is fulfilled.