Reap with Joy!

It would be wrong for a farmer to leave a harvest standing in the field. If you want to taste it, you have to harvest it. Just as we sow in faith, we reap in faith also. Reaping is not a new concept; we just need to know how to do it when it comes to the promises of God.  Remember, faith is not passive. It always requires a corresponding action. For instance, when we sow finances into the kingdom of God believing it will produce a harvest, we need to exercise that same faith with a corresponding action to reap our harvest.

What is the corresponding action for reaping? It’s thanksgiving and rejoicing! The Bible teaches us that we must contend for every promise in God’s Word.  Once we have prayed, we need to rejoice and thank the Lord for our answered prayer.  Just the same, once we have sown a financial seed with faith in our hearts, we need to thank the Lord for the harvest even before we have it. These words said from sincere, believing hearts will bring that harvest in – every time! They are THANK YOU, LORD! I BELIEVE I RECEIVE!

Keep saying those words until they drop deep down into your spirit, and before you know it – faith to receive and reap that harvest will rise inside you and you’ll begin dancing and laughing like someone who has already received what they have sown for (Psalms 126:6). So rejoice, your harvest is on the way!