Reflect Him

Our lives must reflect what we believe! If we believe the Spirit of the Living God resides in us and fills us with His own nature, there must be substantial evidence to support this. People must see proof of God’s transforming power in our lives. In other words, the way we live must reflect a change of heart and lifestyle from the world we were saved out of, to the kingdom we have been saved into. Of course, this evidence can only come by the work of God’s Spirit in us.

Our part is to spend time with Him in His Presence and in His Word so we can know and love His ways. Then, as we go through the day, we pay careful attention to listen to and obey Him in all things; constantly trusting His power to enable us to do what He says.

Jesus is our perfect example of how to live lead by God in this world, reflecting His nature in everything. His time spent in the presence of His Heavenly Father fuelled Him with all He needed to walk in His ways. Let your time of intimacy with the Lord set the quality of your walk before others. What you receive from Him in that secret place will be reflected in the life you live.