Restoring Your Reputation

It takes years to build a good reputation, and moments to lose it. Becoming someone society respects and holds in high esteem takes years of building credibility. Sadly, one wrong decision can shatter that reputation, making it almost impossible to restore a good name. While the world can be unforgiving, we have a Heavenly Father who is not. The precious blood of Jesus covers every sin and shortcoming, no matter how grave or seemingly irreversible. He paid the price to make all things new.

God is in the business of changing reputations. He did it with Saul who became Paul; and Mary who was bound by evil spirits, to the one who faithfully supported His ministry.

Don’t for one moment think you disqualify from the grace and mercy of God. As you surrender your past to Him, and give yourself to His Word, it will begin to transform you into the likeness of Christ, restoring your good name in Him.