Right Under Your Nose

Have you ever found yourself in a position where, in the natural, you just don’t see a way out or a solution to a problem you’re facing?

There’s an expression, “right under your nose” that’s used to describe relentlessly searching for something that’s all the while within reach, in fact, much closer than you realize. In the heat of the moment, our minds can become so overwhelmed with contradicting thoughts that we “forget” to look at the Bible for answers. Everything in life can seem to be failing but God’s Word will always stay true.

Whatever circumstance you feel “stuck” in right now – understand the Word will work when nothing else does! Guard your mouth. Take the scripture that is most appropriate for your situation and start speaking what it promises into existence.  God’s word is the answer to everything you are ever going to face. Trust the Holy Spirit to direct you by its practical wisdom, and you’ll see the answer has been right there all along, right under your nose.