Surrender to the Word

Whenever we hear the phrase, “Word of God”, the first name that should come to my mind is Jesus! This is such a beautiful revelation. John 1:14 says Jesus was the Word made flesh and walked on this earth, representing His Father. Just as He came to reveal and represent the Father to the world, the Holy Spirit, Who lives in us, reveals Jesus to us as we spend time in the written Word. The Holy Spirit makes the written Word come alive in our hearts when we receive it with faith, believing what it says. It becomes powerful and active in our lives and has the ability to change the circumstances in our lives! Revelation 19:13 says Jesus holds the title: ‘The Word of God!’ So as we surrender ourselves to the Word and accept it’s truth as the ultimate authority for our lives, we are in fact, surrendering our lives to Jesus, giving Him the ultimate authority over us. Now, we can confidently know that as we hold on to His truth, God will perform everything He says in His Word concerning us! Release His Word over any impossible circumstance today, and see it go to work, in Jesus Name!