Take God at His Word

The Bible is full of promises concerning us and the life we were created to live in Christ Jesus. All that’s stopping us from stepping into them is ourselves. We must aggressively refuse to accept anything contrary to what the Word of God says about us!

When we feel worry and anxiety trying to overwhelm us, we don’t allow ourselves to succumb to fear or wallow in despair. Instead, we turn to God’s Word and declare we are victorious in Christ. We call on His Name and wisdom, choosing to trust Him as His peace guides us to see our way through and into victory. When we feel the symptoms of sickness come on our bodies, we don’t accept it; we declare we are healed by the stripes of Jesus.

The Bible says it’s impossible for God to turn against His Word. It will never lose its power nor fail to produce what it’s promised. Don’t allow unbelief and wavering to stop you from putting your full trust and confidence in the goodness of God, and His faithfulness to honour His Word concerning you. Fill yourself with His truth; make it your anchor as you take Him at His Word.